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John Wards

John Wards

Technical Director at White October


Jeni Tennison

Jeni Tennison

Technical Director at Open Data Institute @JeniT

Knowledge for Everyone

We are living through a Data Reformation, with information increasingly available to us when we need it, and how we need it. But what are the implications for the non-data-savvy? Does sharing data just lead to greater knowledge inequalities? In this talk, Jeni will discuss how the choices that we make about sharing data can change the society we live in.

About Jeni

Jeni Tennison is the Technical Director of the Open Data Institute. She originally trained as a psychologist and knowledge engineer, gaining a PhD in collaborative ontology development from the University of Nottingham. She went on to work as an independent consultant and practitioner, specialising in open data publishing and consumption, including XML, JSON and linked data APIs, before joining the Open Data Institute in 2012. She was awarded an OBE for services to technology and open data in the 2014 New Year Honours.

Yodit Stanton

Yodit Stanton

Founder of OpenSensors.IO opensensors.IO @yoditstanton

Scaling the Internet of Things

We are at the dawn of the Internet of Things (IOT) where we will have to manage trillions of connected devices. In this talk, Yodit will peel away the layers of hype and talk about the practicalities of managing IOT at scale. We will explore the protocols, the message queues and the eternal problem of standards.

About Yodit

I am a software developer and founder of OpenSensors.IO, with a special interest in machine learning and distributed computation. I spend my time building systems for processing and analysing sensor data for cities.


Break & refreshments

Ian Plosker

Ian Plosker

Co-Founder & CTO of @dstroyallmodels

Databases, the cloud and its discontents

Each generation of developers stands on the shoulders of all previous generations of developers’ work. The cutting edge is almost always an amalgam of decades old technology. Both cloud computing and NoSQL follow this trend. In this talk, Ian will analyse the emergence of cloud computing and NoSQL databases. We’ll discuss why the two are not a match made in heaven and discuss how to fuse NoSQL and the cloud.

About Ian

I am the CTO and a co-founder of Orchestrate, a startup building a polyglot DBaaS API. As a lifelong programmer, I have built everything from CMS, to bioinformatics platforms and corporate competitive intelligence management systems. Prior to Orchestrate, I worked at Basho Technologies, where I served as Director of Technical Operations for EMEA. Former roles also include Lead Software Engineer and Senior Software Architect at Cipher Systems. I currently live in London.

Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell

CEO & Co-Founder of @lainevcampbell

Building and scaling your data pipeline in AWS

Laine will explain the options for running MySQL at high volumes at Amazon Web Services, exploring options around database as a service, hosted instances/storages and all appropriate availability, performance and provisioning considerations using real-world examples from Call of Duty, Obama for America and many more. She will show how to build highly available, manageable and performant MySQL environments that scale in AWS – how to maintain them, grow them and deal with failure.

About Laine

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of, a full-stack devops and database consultancy and operations provider. I have also been a DBA since the late 90s, working on such architectures as Travelocity, Technorati, LiveJournal, Obama for America, Call of Duty and more. When not crafting culture, talking geekery or modelling data, I advocate for open source, underserved populations in technology and enjoy the occasional cigar and whisky by the fire with friends and loved ones.

Patricia Gorla

Patricia Gorla

Cassandra Consultant at The Last Pickle @patriciagorla

NoSQL Data Modelling in Apache Cassandra with CQL

Scalable and performant systems start with a great data model. To make data modelling easier CQL3, the Cassandra Query Language, provides familiar table based abstractions over the Apache Cassandra storage engine. With an SQL like interface it’s easy for new and experienced developers to take advantage of the scale and performance Apache Cassandra provides.

Starting with the basics of the DDL statements, Patricia will walk through the query techniques and bring it all together with real world use cases for time series and blob storage.

About Patricia

I’m a Cassandra Consultant at The Last Pickle. We help clients around the globe build and operationalise large-scale, performant systems.



Lunch provided – generously sponsored by Google Cloud Platform

Lunchtime session

Big Data Analytics using Google BigQuery, Javier Ramirez

Ben Foxall

Ben Foxall

Developer at White October @benjaminbenben

Data - a post-prandial demo...

Ben will talk about using the web platform to collect, visualise, and analyse transient input from multiple sources in real-time. We’ll cover methods for getting live data into browsers, and architecting front end web technologies to handle streams of real-time data. It will be one big demo.

About Ben

I work for White October and am a founding member of the Javascript Adventure Club.

David Mytton

David Mytton

Founder & CEO of Server Density @davidmytton

Stories from production - scaling, failure and (avoiding) data loss

With experiences from scaling up to writing 2 billion documents per day, David’s talk will go into the realities of running a high performance, high volume database. It’ll include how to grow from 1 VPS to 150 dedicated servers, trials with colocation and custom built hardware, the perils of virtualisation, live debugging over plane wifi and other stories usually left out of overnight startup success stories.

About David

I am the founder of Server Density, a SaaS tool which helps you provision and monitor your infrastructure. Based in the UK, I have been programming in Python and PHP for over 10 years, was one of the earliest production MongoDB users (founding the London MongoDB User Group), was one of the founding members of the Open Rights Group and can often be found cycling in London or drinking tea in Japan.

Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

Senior Engineering Manager at Mozilla Corporation @lxt

Many moving parts: Monitoring complex systems

Monitoring a simple app with say, a single web server and a database host, is, well, simple. How do you approach monitoring complex systems where the technology stack has more pieces than you can list on both hands? Where the system diagram needs to have memes on it to stop you from crying? Where the business depends on your system being available? Laura will talk about some of the systems at Mozilla, and how the company approaches resilience, monitoring, and analytics.

About Laura

I’m a Senior Engineering Manager at Mozilla Corporation. I work with the Web Engineering team, which is responsible for the Firefox crash reporting system and other developer tools, and the Release Engineering team, which is responsible for shipping Firefox.

I co-authored PHP and MySQL Web Development and MySQL Tutorial, and I love speaking at Open Source conferences worldwide.


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Ola Gasidlo

Ola Gasidlo

Front-end / JavaScript developer at Hoodie @misprintedtype

Say Hello To Offline First

During the rise of the internet in the past 25 years, devices and user interactions have changed enormously. Now it’s time we find new approaches and patterns for the way we build applications for this web and its users.

Ola’s talk covers the philosophy behind and state of offline support on the web, starting points, challenges and how to develop first-class offline experiences – from localStorage, appcache to sync and database structures.

About Ola

I am a front-end / JavaScript developer, core member of Team Hoodie and organiser of OpenTechSchool Dortmund. I love making the web accessible for everyone, riding the trails and Emma-driven development.

Dr Alistair Hann

Dr Alistair Hann

CTO of Skyscanner @alistairhann

SomeSQL– scaling in a changing world of data stores and hardware

Skyscanner performs 200 million searches every month, and generated $7bn of downstream revenue last year. Scaling from zero brought many challenges, in the context of a continually growing variety of databases and hardware. Alistair will talk about how that rapid change has shaped Skyscanner’s data architecture and how they moved from just using SQL Server to a range of hardware and data technologies (Postgres, Couchbase, ElasticSearch, Hadoop).

About Alistair

I’m CTO at Skyscanner. With the help of the architecture and labs teams, I create the technical strategy, ensuring that technology meets our business needs be it scaling or creating new products. I left my post-doc in machine learning to found the travel search engine Zoombu, which was acquired by Skyscanner in 2010. Outside work, I love cooking, hiking in the highlands and messing about in boats.

Monty Widenius

Monty Widenius

Creator of MySQL & MariaDB monty-says @montywi

The current state and future of MariaDB

What distinguishes MariaDB 10.0 from MySQL and other free databases? In this talk, Monty will outline the new features in this version and what to expect from the upcoming MariaDB 10.1. You will hear about the future plans of MariaDB direct from its creator, and find out how to be part of them.

About Monty

I’m the Founder of MySQL and CEO of Monty Program Ab, who is developing MariaDB. An open source advocate, I have first hand experience in creating and nurturing an open source community, as well as building large, complex applications. My investment company, Open Ocean Capital, is currently supporting innovative technology startups with big communities.


After conference drinks

Follow us over the road for drinks generously sponsored by Mandrill, and continue the conversation with speakers and fellow attendees.