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Introducing our first speakers

Introducing our first speakers

We’re excited to be running All Your Base for the fourth time in 2015. As always, we’ve curated the sessions to be a mix of practical, relatable and inspirational talks on a range of database technologies, established and new, with guaranteed actionable takeaways and solutions to your biggest bugbears.

You’ll hear from 10 expert speakers on the day. Here’s a quick introduction to the first four.

  • Charity Majors is a Production Engineering Manager at Parse/Facebook. She has years of experience designing and implementing full stack architecture, doing a deep dive into various backend technologies, and automating the pain away. Charity will be speaking about how to upgrade your database without losing your data, your perf or your mind.

  • Martin Kleppmann (pictured) co-founded Rapportive (acquired by LinkedIn in 2012) and Go Test It (acquired by Red Gate Software in 2009). He is currently taking a sabbatical to write a book for O’Reilly, called Designing Data-Intensive Applications. Martin’s session will cover how to use change data capture to reliably keep several databases, indexes and caches in sync.

  • Laine Campbell is a returning speaker to All Your Base. Laine is currently CTO at OrderWithMe and has been an Oracle, MySQL and Cassandra DBA architect and designer for 16 years with organisations including Obama for America, Travelocity, LiveJournal, Disney Mobile, and Adobe. This year Laine’s talk will explore how paradigms in IT are shifting the job of the database engineer.

  • Dimitri Fontaine is CEO at 2ndQuadrant France, and a PostgreSQL Major Contributor (Extensions, Event Triggers, Bi Directional Replication). Dimitri also develops pgloader and other PostgreSQL related software. He’ll be sharing his Postgres expertise to demonstrate how it should be considered a developer power tool rather than a sysadmin durability and persistence service.

A warm welcome to our first speakers. Stay tuned for some more brilliant names appearing on the site very soon!


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